How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Rose (Dahlia?) – Colored Glasses

If you’ve ever caught up with an ex you’ve spent time thinking about wistfully, your initial impression is usually positive and you start wondering “Why did we ever break up?” Seattle summers have the same effect on me. Talk to any Seattleite about the things they love most about their city, and “The Summers” will probably be found amongst the top 5. It’s definitely the best time to visit if you’re at a loss for deciding when to plan a trip, although there is one great disadvantage to the season: too much to see and do that you might not get to fit everything on your list. I didn’t have a chance to show off Discovery Park, Dim-Sum, Pho, any of the islands, Gas Works Park, etc.. but luckily, I managed to fit enough into our 5 days that Graham was pleased with the city. There are a couple areas I thought I’d highlight on the blog that you don’t hear about as often as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, or Gum Wall when Seattle comes up as a travel topic.IMG_20160719_174915Volunteer Park – Designed by the Olmsted brothers, and if you’re a fan of Devil In The White City  by Erik Larson, you probably recognize what was once the foremost name in landscape architects.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
A shot of the interior dome of the water tower in Volunteer Park

The park includes a conservatory, a water tower (with free access to an observation deck), a gated reservoir, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

My favorite feature of the park though would have to be the dahlia garden.How I Spent My Summer VacationAs I mentioned on Instagram earlier this week, I chose dahlias for my bridal bouquet specifically because it reminded me of Volunteer Park.

Lakeview Cemetery – Next door to Volunteer Park is Lake View Cemetery.. aka the final resting place for both Bruce and Brandon Lee. Even if you’re not a Kung Fu film buff or a former goth kid obsessed with The Crow, it’s still worth a visit if only for gravestone photography or the gorgeous monkey puzzle tree.How I Spent My Summer Vacation

There’s usually a few people in the cemetery paying their respects to the Lees, evident by the numerous bouquets that are left on their graves, but it’s ideal if you’re looking for a quiet place with some aesthetics to recharge before continuing on with sites with more tourist traffic.


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