About Me


Reformed from my wanderlust ways that took me from the Midwest.. Asia.. and the Pacific Northwest, I’ve rooted myself on the East Coast in Philadelphia, PA. No longer using the novelty of moving for excitement, I’m finding a bulk case of the happies in my husband Graham, our greyhound Huxley (aka Hucklebutt, Dogopher, Rafi [if you’ve ever seen an episode of “The League,” you’d see the similarities between the two]), the occasional crafting and cooking, and all this city has to offer.

Lately I’ve been…

  • working on launching a paper focused home decor shop on Etsy
  • trying to make more time for reading
  • working on eating healthier thanks to a back injury giving me a chance to analyze lifestyle changes
  • dealing with the fun and frustrations of first-time home ownership
  • looking forward to the adventures in blogging

I’m hoping this blog will give me an outlet to get my thoughts play outside the circus of my head (My husband is convinced that “March of the Gladiators” plays on a loop in there) as well as spotlight my favorite things about Philadelphia.