Putting Away Childish Things.. Right On The Windowsill

Dolls make Graham uncomfortable. He was traumatized as a kid when his babysitter watched Barbarella. I find it kinda funny that in the whole movie, it isn’t a half-naked Jane Fonda that makes the impression on him. Nope, it’s feral attack dolls.

The scary attack dolls from Barbarella

I can’t blame him.

So one night, while he was on the first floor.. I did some window dressing in the bedroom:20160623_004950I made sure to prop up the marionette Graham brought back from Mexico for me when I asked him for “the creepiest doll you can find” as a souvenir.mexicopuppetAnd now, Graham knows that you can’t leave me alone for too long because when boredom sets in, I’m just going to look for ways to antagonize him.

I now want to see if I can hunt down Polly Pocket figures and line them up on his nightstand so just as he’s about to turn off the lamp.. SURPRISE! New friends!

Oh yeah… in a hypocritical move, Graham deported the marionette last night and demanded that a wall be built around it.


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