Oh Hello, 38

I got to celebrate turning another year older on Monday with some of my favorite things.

Sleeping in… Something I have a hard time doing because I’m racked with guilt for wasting the day if I try to snooze longer.. but I got to sleep until 10..

Three new Pole-Pole figures greeted me on the kitchen shelf when I got my coffee.. raccoon, meerkat, and a seal. They were a surprise from Graham although he’d already taken me to see “Oh, Hello” the night before. There are now too many Pole Pole figures in the house to fit on the hexagon display shelf in the living room <3Oh Hello, 38I got to watch true crime documentaries in my pajamas for most of the day. Seriously.. I didn’t shower until 4pm on Monday.

A trip to H Mart’s food court and Paris Baguette where we got…Oh Hello, 38 Oh Hello, 38 Strawberry Shortcake!

Oh Hello, 38

Snail Mail – The kitty princess from my parents reads: “You’re an eternal child… Three Years Old Forever!” This is probably aptly illustrated by the sticker card my sister sent.. I really couldn’t decide which stickers to use and used almost all of them. Mustache went up first, of course.Oh Hello, 38Shake Shack! Graham wasn’t able to understand my love for Shake Shack until he found this article on NPR and declared, “It’s in your genetics!”Oh Hello, 38 Oh Hello, 38

Husband is a pretty important favorite thing…

Oh Hello, 38

We got home in time for some Basil Hayden and Politics. With an extra bonus of Rachel Maddow thrown in for pre-debate coverage.

Graham let me know this morning that I completely passed out with my arm draped over him, blissfully snoring away. In fact, he got up in the middle of the night for the bathroom and returned to me still snoring soundly. He had to roll me over because I had also annexed his side of the bed in my sleep.. and I continued my snoring.. completely uninterrupted. So I got to fit in one more of my favorite things, annoying my husband, on my birthday <3


Room Redo: Kitchen Before and After and Graham Cuts A Rug

I let this past week get away from me with projects at home along with the usual things on my “To Do” list, so I wasn’t able to post on schedule. While putting together the post on the alcove, I realized I wanted to put up some before and after shots of the entire kitchen.beforeafterkitchen1When we first viewed our house, we had just made it to the second floor when we realized we wanted to put in an offer at that moment.. without even heading up to the third floor. That didn’t mean there wasn’t anything we wanted to change. The stagers for the house did a nice job, but it didn’t reflect our personalities. The first thing on the list was the kitchen.

The floors of the house were definitely worn and scuffed. Initially, we were planning on having them stained darker, but once we saw the beautiful sanded yellow pine beneath our feet, we opted to keep it natural, only adding a couple coats of polyurethane. 14747525706271474752713898I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how much I disliked the buttercream walls on multiple occasions. I felt it clashed with the red brick behind the stove. Although the kitchen has multiple windows, the hanging eave off the back porch and the neighbor’s house to the east doesn’t allow as much natural light into the room as I would like. We painted the walls white to brighten the mood. I also dreaded the idea of trying to clean cooking splatter from painted walls, so we knew we were going to need a backsplash. Graham and I talked about doing white subway tiles, but when I found white honeycomb tiles on Wayfair, I fell in love with the vintage, yet modern, feel.  14746872753351474754708710Although he always complained whenever I went on about how much I love chalkboard walls, Graham suggested we paint one in the kitchen (aww.. one of the reasons why I married him). We used to keep our grocery list on Google Keep, but I love writing it out on something tangible. We’re usually in the kitchen when we realize we’re out of something, so it’s convenient to scribble it out then, and really, who doesn’t like writing on chalkboard? It’s also nice to temporarily jot dates while you’re on the phone and can’t access your Google Calendar.14747514968481474687746936Uh….we still haven’t gotten around to erasing the seasoning marks towards the ceiling..

Then of course, there’s the shelving…14747515790191474686606036Our biggest accomplishment with the kitchen actually has nothing to do with paintbrushes, wallpaper, etc. When we moved in, we knew we were going to need a new kitchen rug since our old one had definitely seen better days. We first purchased one with a geometric print from Society6, but we freaked out when we opened the package and saw that the colors didn’t translate well from online to real life. We found ourselves face to face with lavender, navy, and neon pink triangles which I’m sure would be lovely!… in another kitchen. Strike One. We then tried our luck with RugsUsaWell… we ended up being out $80, but we got a good laugh out of the rug that looked as if it would be more at home in a kindergarten classroom. Strike Two. We were definitely suffering from online rug shopping PTSD and were reluctant to try our luck again.

We took a chance on a hemp rug from Target that I wasn’t too crazy about. Once we laid it out in the kitchen, I immediately decided it needed to go, and back it went. Strike Three.

One day, while on yet another trip to Ikea (if you’ve bought a new house, prepare to spend so much time at Home Depot and Ikea that they should just start paying you to work there), we found a rug we thought would be perfect. In a perfect world, we’d have a white rug, but since we’re imperfect people in the kitchen, we knew that would never fly. But this rug was white with enough mottled dark hues that would hide potential cooking snafus.

We got it home and unrolled it…at least we tried to.. Although we knew the rug was wider than we needed, we thought we might be able to slip the excess inches under the refrigerator. Nope. My resourceful husband, however, was not going to give up.. He wasn’t going to be victimized by yet another rug. So he dragged the rug to the back porch with a hacksaw..1474687439542Problem Solved.


Kitchen Shelf Redo

KItchen Shelf RedoAside from adding a few new pieces of furniture this summer, we’ve had a slow-down in the decorating department thanks to my injury and with travel. One of the things that have been on the list since before we moved in was redoing the shelving alcove in the kitchen.1473964140114I wasn’t a fan of those buttercream walls and robin’s egg blue alcove. The colors just didn’t go with the mid-century modern / folk feel of our design scheme. The walls went white, but I felt the interior of the alcove needed something extra other than a few coats of paint. So we picked out some cute reusable wallpaper from Chasing Paper, but the rolls sat in our storage closet since we moved in 6 months ago in March. (Oh, and as a side note, “we picked out” means I presented Graham with three choices and then opted for one of the two he didn’t select.) Continue reading

Cape May 2016

Vacations in Cape May, New Jersey are an annual thing for Graham’s family.. ok.. sometimes multiple times in a year, but predominantly in the summer. Graham and I missed out last year with wedding planning, but this year, we packed up the car and Huxley, our lazy greyhound, to spend a week at the shore with his parents and younger brother. 

Sadly, Graham had to work during the first few days of our vacation.. and then we had to cut our time short since Hermine threatened to put the area in a state of emergency as well as making evacuation a possibility. We decided to head back to Philly Saturday morning to avoid the challenge of a slow-rolling mass traffic exodus. We were sad to leave, but it was nice to have a few days at home to recover.  Continue reading

An Open (Ransom) Letter To My Brother-In-Law

First, I’m going to say how disappointed I am that I couldn’t do a cut-out letters ransom note since we don’t have magazines at home.. or glue that isn’t dried out.. and you know who this is anyways so that already defeats the purpose.. in short, I’m disappointed. Anyhow..

*We have your Lillet.Lillet1It is currently unharmed.. really… proof of life as of today, September 7. 2016.Lillet2

But whether it continues existing in its current state depends on your ability to meet *our my demands.

Your Lillet will be returned to you unharmed if you successfully exchange it for a dozen of your homemade macarons.. any flavors will suffice with the exception of those listed here. 

Failure to comply will force a fate on your bottle similar to its friend:Lillet3That one is nearly empty… only a fraction of the bottle that it used to be.

Tell your parents, and the Lillet will suffer the consequences. You can start saying goodbye to it piece by piece at a time.. again.. like its buddy..Lillet4

You have 72 hours. Clock starts now.



*Your brother did not approve this message. 


Subversive Design – Update 2

On the morning of our first anniversary, I came home from walking Huxley to find Graham in the kitchen with that “hand in the cookie jar” look on his face.

“Don’t be mad at me. I know we said no gifts, but I was thinking about how marriage is about compromise… or more like.. how compromise is about making you happy.”

He took me to the dining room where I was greeted by this:starburst

So, that last item on the list?

No starburst/sunburst clock


I won. And I don’t mean the design war.. I won the husband lottery. Sorry about the cheese.