Fry Guys Burgers and Fries

Fry Guys Burgers and FriesGraham and I went for a walk in the neighborhood after going out for dinner at Goat Hollow. There’s so much greenery around, and Mount Airy folks DEFINITELY love their sunflowers. We came across a house with the front yard crammed with lilies, cacti, thistles, etc. It was basically a swatch of every flower in the neighborhood. It included a large spray of ornamental grass, which, I told Graham, resembled a Fry Guy.

Graham: A what?


Graham: A what?

Me: You don’t know what a Fry Guy is? Is it a generational thing you were too young for and missed out on?!

Graham: I don’t know..?

Me: Ok, Google.. show me pictures of Fry Guys.

Fry Guys Burgers and Fries

I’m uncertain how to interpret this. Either Google thinks I have a speech impediment or she is trying to not so delicately imply what she thinks of my dinner choice of a gigantic medium rare burger with gruyere and fries. What’s more American than grilled burgers and weight problems?

Have a Happy Fourth!


PS. Apparently, the official name for the “Fry Guys” is “Fry Kids.” I would have posted a photo, but most of them include a copyright tag.. so, in case you’re curious.. they’re like this:

Fry Guys Burgers and FriesOr you could just look here.

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