One Of The Perks Of Not Living Alone

On June 2, I was sitting in the studio on the second floor while Graham was playing video games downstairs when I tried clicking on this headline from The Washington Post that showed up on my newsfeed:

Along the U.S.-Canada border, an invisible but hardening wall rises

Because.. well.. it seems like a pretty important article to read just in case Graham and I have to go through with Plan B in November if the election sets off a real life version of The Purge.

But, I freaked out when this message usurped by browser instead:


Really? REALLY?! I know. It was only June 2! As in another 28 days left to go! So..


I have since learned that opening your browser in “porn mode” (aka incognito) does take care of that whole limit thing, but it really kinda takes away the sadistic fun of disrupting your significant other’s quality time with Dark Souls III. Plus, I like Graham to feel needed.

Couplehood is nice.. at least for one of us.


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